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Do I Really Need Tenant Insurance in Edmonton?

Consider this scenario: Imagine a faulty appliance starts a fire in your kitchen. The fire spreads through your apartment, destroying your valuables, and making your home unlivable for a time. Trying to replace your belongings after this type of disaster can leave you penniless. In other words, yes, tenant insurance can prove to be an extremely viable, not to mention intelligent, investment.

Tenant insurance, or condo insurance covers your valuables in case of accidents like these. Here is just a small, and by no means all-encompassing, sample of items covered:

  • Jewelry
  • Sporting goods
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Furniture
  • Computer equipment
  • Clothing

How Does Tenant Insurance Benefit Me?

As a tenant, you need insurance. Some landlords require it. The level of coverage you need will greatly depend on the value of your goods. More coverage, or a more in-depth policy, will provide more protection.

In addition to the financial relief it provides when needing to replace items lost, tenant insurance also comes with liability protection, which covers you if there is damage to the building or to a person visiting your unit.

It is recommended that you have a policy that has a higher level of liability coverage. Areas where liability coverage can protect you:

  • After a fire or other accident, the landlord may seek reimbursement for damages
  • A maid or visitor falls and gets injured on your property
  • You cause an accident that results in personal injury of another person

Why Meyers Insurance?

For over 50 years, Meyers has been providing Sherwood Park and Edmonton residents with tenant insurance. We provide our clients with customized insurance policies at competitive rates. For those looking to save money, we offer payment plans, discounted rates to meet your financial limitations, and we provide a no-obligation inspection of all your insurance needs.

The landlord’s insurance does not cover these items. Also, if you are negligent in causing a fire you are liable for damage to the building and other tenant’s possessions. Coverage for this will be provided through the liability part of the policy. Tenant and condo policies are quite inexpensive. Call now (780) 467-5048 for a no-obligation quote. Discounts are available.

Contact the dedicated and experienced insurance brokers at Meyer’s Insurance to find out how we can help protect you with a personalized tenant insurance plan.

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